Donald Trump’s Daytona 500 drop-in may be his biggest Florida voter activation push of the year

On Sunday, President Donald Trump is expected to attend the Daytona 500, where there will be somewhere between 100-150K people in attendance, and millions more watching around the country. And it’s all taking place right here in the I4 corridor.

Most of them will be conservative and some may be undecided Florida voters.

When put into scale, it might be his biggest voter activation move of the year. Consider this. When will he have this much likely voters as a captive audience, having a good time, in one of the biggest political battlegrounds in the country again? Likely not again anytime soon.

This is different than a World Series drop-in or visiting the College Football National Championship, where the voters are already expected to go with him or against him, this is in Florida and specifically in Volusia county, where it’s “MAGA street cred” is only surpassed by the Villages and perhaps some other rural areas in the state.

This was Ron DeSantis’ congressional district before getting the “Trump Bump” to slingshot into the governor’s mansion.

Meanwhile, the Democratic field faces an uncertain field moving into South Carolina and Nevada, with Bernie Sanders as the front runner. This makes a lot of establishment Democrats nervous, with his message possibly missing with the Sunshine State’s more moderate voters.

And the biggest presence in the I4 corridor among possible Trump opponents may be Mike Bloomberg and his television ads that have been running non-stop for weeks now, and will likely run during the actual Daytona 500 race.

Still, Trump is taking another step towards turning Florida red again by visiting “The World’s Most Famous Beach” during the “Great American Race” in the biggest political battleground in the country, the I4 corridor.

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