Elizabeth Warren gets national spotlight opportunity with lighter debate stage draw

If you had to pick a winner from the dual-debate drawings set for the first round of forums later this month in Miami, if would be hard not to pick Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren, who will be the highest polling candidate on a stage with no other recognized front runners.

Warren will be on during the first night of the two night event with no one else currently in the top five of the two dozen candidate field.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and California Senator Kamala Harris are slated for the second night, where they will all be fighting for time on stage.

Warren is also the most outspoken candidate behind a podium in a line up that includes the up and down, Beto O’Rourke, Cory Booker, who has name ID but hasn’t converted it to higher polling, and a group of other contenders that have yet to catch fire so far.

This will be her time to really showcase her platform in front of an engaged nationally televised audience. While the DNC rules were designed to avoid a “JV debate”, the first night will be just that with Warren being the only current exception.

She’s also done well during her televised town halls, where her positions as one of the more progressive candidates in the race, and her push to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump have been well received by the further left elements of the party.

In recent polls, she’s closed the gap with Sanders in the number 2 spot behind Biden, to what is likely due from candidate fatigue from the 78 year old, second time candidate, and skepticism the over electability of a Democratic socialist.

Really, it’s possible Warren might have become a better ambassador of some of those policies and people are starting to notice and she won’t be afraid to “take the shot” like Sanders was against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

This debate could be her big opportunity to really do something with her momentum.

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