Five questions heading into the ABC Democratic Presidential Debate in Houston

A tighter and more competitive field will take the stage on Thursday night, as ABC and Univision presents the latest Democratic Presidential Debate from Houston.

Here are five questions I have ahead of the debate:

How willBiden versus the field round 3″ go?: In the first debate, a rusty former Vice President got rattled by Kamala Harris and was the subject of a couple of jokes about his age. During the second debate, Biden was more alert but was taking attacks from all sides about various issues he’s dealt with during his career. With his lead in the polls remaining fairly stable, how often does he get attacked this time? And what approaches will the field take to dig into his lead?

What will a surging Elizabeth Warren do?: The Massachusetts Senator has had two strong outings, but she’ll finally share the stage with all of the other top 5 candidates on Thursday night. Does she keep her friendly and energetic message? Or does she go on the offensive? Will any of the other candidates target her?

Will Kamala Harris renergize her campaign?: After a show stealing first debate, and being forced on the defensive in the second debate, Harris’ campaign has been in the doldrums. Is she burned out? How will she regain that excitement many had after she took on Joe Biden?

What will emerge from discussions on immigration and healthcare?: What will be the consensus plan on dealing with a broken immigration system and the challenges at the border? Do we tweak Obamacare or start over altogether? There hasn’t been a consistent answer from the Democratic field on these controversial issues. Will we start to see stronger primary election positions take over the conversation?

Who from the bottom five of the group will try to make the jump to front runner status?: For the first time during this primary, everyone on stage will be considered a contender, but who outside of the top 5 (Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris, Buttigieg) will try to make the jump into that group of front runners. Julian Castro and Beto O’Rourke will have somewhat of a home field advantage in Texas. Expect some crowd responses from their answers.

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