Here are 5 Take-Aways from the CNN Town Halls on climate change with the Democratic contenders for President

Last night, CNN hosted a town hall with 10 of the Democratic Presidential contenders for President, focusing completely on the issue of climate change. After hours of discussion, here are my five take-aways.

The field likes the “Green New Deal”, but has questions over how it would be implemented: Many of the candidates praised Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s overhaul of environmental policy, but had concerns over how the drastic mandates in her plan would be implemented. These concerns are likely tied to the high costs involved and whether taxing corporations would be enough to pay for it without setting the economy back.

Your children and your grandchildren: This is the emotional appeal the candidates will make to try to win over voters next year and Republican in Congress should they get elected. Several candidates brought up future generations during their chats with moderators.

We’re not going to take your hamburgers away: This tone began during Andrew Yang’s segment when he cited a study he read that said the world would be “OK” if everyone went vegetarian. This kicked off a chain reaction where each of the candidates were asked if they would mandate the eating habits of Americans. The phrase “We’re not trying to abolish the cow”, was used more than once when each of the candidates in one way or another said no.

Offshore oil drilling would sunset under many of these candidate’s presidencies: Many of these candidates when asked directly if they would end offshore oil drilling, said “yes”. They promoted the regular alternatives like wind and solar, while pushing for more electric cars on roads.

That Biden fundraiser: Vice President Joe Biden had a rough night. While he was sharp on stage (more on that HERE), he was questioned about a fundraiser that was being hosted later this week by an entrepreneur with ties to the natural gas industry. The former veep said he knew nothing about it, but it looked bad.

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