Here are 5 Take Aways from the Pete Buttigieg rally here in Orlando

South Bend Mayor and Democratic Presidential Hopeful, Pete Buttigieg, was in Orlando on Wednesday afternoon, where he stumped before Central Florida Democrats for the first time in the “Heart of the I4 Corridor”.

Here are 5 Take Aways from his visit:

“We have to do something completely different”: Mayor Pete’s message is about taking America to territory it’s never been with the right leader. It’s about the next forty years and what he wants to do with the country. His message offers two realities, one with progressive visionary leader and one with Donald Trump.

He believes American values are progressive values: Freedom and equal rights roll into his entire platform, and his calm delivery allows the South Bend Mayor to talk about everything from teachers, and labor unions, to religion. The whole country falls under the American flag.

Support for Puerto Rico: Buttigieg was asked about the island during his QA, and spoke about the Puerto Rican community a few times during his remarks including advocating for electoral votes for our fellow Americans living there.

White Nationalism is attacking America: He addressed the recent violent events taking place around the country while pushing for gun control and slamming the NRA. His message echoes that of his rivals who were stumping all over the country while President Donald Trump visited El Paso and Dayton, where dozens of people were killed and wounded last weekend.

He could cut into Biden’s Orlando support: The Democratic Presidential contenders haven’t been paying enough attention to the I4 Corridor except for the former Vice President. Mayor Pete’s appearance got some good media coverage and could draw some attention away from the front runner. President Trump kicked off his reelection campaign here, when is the rest of the field going to show up?

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