Here are the Democrats I’d have on stage if the Presidential Debates started today

We’re still over a month away from our first debate in the 2020 Presidential Democratic primary, which will be taking place just down south in Miami, but the buzz has already begun over who deserves to be on stage.

If those debates began tonight, here is who I would put on stage. This field is simply who I see being competitive right now. This includes polls, media appearances, earned television coverage. The DNC has their own criteria for selecting participants and I’ve considered that as well.

Of course, you know how these things are. In both the 2012 and 2016 debates, we saw candidates slide on and off stage between the main debate and the under card or “JV” debates.

This debate will have 10 candidates and you’ll notice, I like Senators. After all, that’s what worked the last time the Democrats took the White House.

This field also works center stage and outward with frontrunners in the center.

Center stage:

Joe Biden: He’s the clear front runner right now. If I’m organizing this debate I also know that the leader takes attack from both sides and if his rivals start to panic, we could see that sooner than later.

Bernie Sanders: He’s still the clear number 2, and you know you want him in the same shot whenever Biden is answering a question he clearly feels differently about.


Kamala Harris: She’s three or four in the polls, depending on which one you’re looking at. I don’t think she can work off script in the big leagues. Let’s see if she can prove me wrong.

Amy Klobuchard: I expect Amy to hang around until at least the first debate. She is just as moderate as Biden but I don’t know if she has the fire to get the electorate excited.


Mayor Pete: Yes, I’m calling him “Mayor Pete” because he’s successfully managed to get Democrats to call him that. He’s number 3 in most polls, and I want to see him next to Bernie for the same reason I to see want Bernie next to Biden.

Elizabeth Warren: Warren has had a good week rolling out some well received wonky policies. There are also a lot of people that have been waiting along time to see Warren slug it out on a debate stage this big.

Far Left:

Cory Booker: Booker is staying relevant by maintaining a presence on the daytime talkers and he’s also the first to actually make the cut for the debates.

Kirsten Gillibrand: She’s on the bubble, but she was able to regain some momentum this week by slamming abortion legislation passed in Alabama.

Far Right:

Beto O’Rourke: Two months ago, he’d be standing right next to Biden. Now he’s live streaming his haircuts while people are left asking themselves how his push disappeared so quickly.

Julian Castro: Remember seven years ago when he was the featured speaker at the convention? He was supposed to be the anointed one. Anyways, this is the last spot, I wouldn’t be mad if you plugged any of the other candidates here. Tulsi Gabbard will actually be here if Gillibrand misses the cut and then I would move Castro there.

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