Here are 5 take aways from Robert Mueller’s testimony to Congress

On Wednesday, former FBI Director and Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, testified before both the judicial and intelligence house committees, to discuss the findings of his report regarding Russian interference into the 2016 elections and obstruction of justice by Trump campaign officials.

Here are my take ways:

“I’d like to refer you to the report.”: Was what we heard a lot of today. We heard a reiteration of the printed report. It does not exonerate the President. There was Russian campaign interference, and Trump campaign officials were charged. The theatrical component of these hearings is really what we were here for today.

The OLC opinion: The Office of Legal Counsel opinion states a sitting President can’t be a indicted. This opinion is why Mueller never considered taking this kind of action against the President during his investigation. You’ll be hearing a lot more about the OLC in the coming days.

“I disagree with your characterization.”: Was Mueller’s reply of choice when challenged during the hearing by Trump allies. Different personalities react in various ways to these often intense exchanges, Mueller stayed relatively calm.

The President was definitely watching… and tweeting: President Trump was tweeting out video clips during the hearing that goofed on Mueller’s answer and retweeted his own allies on the committees after the meetings adjourned. You’ll hear about this at his next campaign rally.

“I can’t speak to that.”: Much like his report, you could say that Mueller’s testimony was redacted. We never got any details on the investigation or what we’re doing to avoid any more Russian interference moving forward.

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