Here is what to look for from an Orlando perspective during Robert Mueller’s testimony to Congress

On Wednesday, former Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, will testify before both, the house judicial and intelligence committees, in what is expected to be a tense discussion regarding Russian interference in the 2016 elections, and the since unfounded allegations of obstruction against President Donald Trump.

Here is what to look for from an Orlando perspective during testimony tomorrow:

How many times do we hear “Florida” during the discussion of interference in elections?: Orlando was clean when it came to interference from the Russians in 2016, but that wasn’t the case for the rest of the state. Every mention of the Sunshine State during these hearings is another blow to the nation’s confidence over how we run our elections.

What will Val Demings do?: Congresswoman Val Demings will be on Wednesday’s committees and will finally get her chance to talk to Robert Mueller about his findings. What will they have to say to each other?

Russian campaign operatives in Florida: A forgotten aspect of the Mueller findings were the on the ground Russian operatives here in Florida that were observing the various campaigns. Is there a chance we could see more of that type of infiltration in the future?

What will Matt Gaetz do?: The North Florida congressman is the President’s attack dog, including on matters here in Orlando when they arise. What will he have to say during these hearings?

Your social media feeds: If you like drama on the Twitter and your with cranky uncles on Facebook, you’ll like what you’ll see on Wednesday.

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