Hickenlooper is out, here are the other pretenders that need to drop out of the race for President

Former Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, announced he was dropping out of the Democratic primary for the 2020 race for President today and will be considering a run for Senate in Colorado.

Good for him. Better for the Democrats. Best for observers like ourselves.

Like many other candidates in the vast Democratic field, Hickenlooper was a pretender, who was eating up television time from the real contenders for the nomination that could be a problem for Donald Trump next fall.

But he’s not alone. Here is who else needs to drop out. Sooner than later.

Congressman Tim Ryan: The Ohio lawmaker has also failed to make an impression during the last two debates. He’s barely made it on stage at all. Why is he still here?

Former Congressman John Delaney: What should frustrate you if you’re a Democrat that wants to have a serious look at the real contenders, is that Delaney says he’s staying in even if he doesn’t make the September debates.

Governor Jay Inslee: Yes, this gentleman actually has a state to run, but he’s still in the race for President despite being having only a small measure of support. His push to save the environment is admirable but he can do that in a capacity that will actually make dent elsewhere.

Mayor Bill de Blasio: He’s running the biggest city in the country with a host of it’s own challenges and still trying to make this campaign happen. He’s good at throwing smoke at other candidates but that’s not doing Democrats any favors. It’s time to pack it in.

Governor Steve Bullock: He didn’t even make the first round of debates and did little with his time during his time on stage this last time out. Governor Bullock also has a state to run. It’s time to go home.

Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke: Go run for Senate again Beto.

On borrowed time- Bennet, Williamson, Gillibrand, Yang: Bennet is actually a bad match up for Trump, but he can’t make anything happen. Marianne Williamson is fun to watch, but not presidential. Why Gillibrand can’t tap into real support is a puzzler. And Yang is a “free stuff” gimmick.

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