Joe Biden will probably lock down support of influential Orlando Dems tonight

Former Vice President, Joe Biden, will be attending a fundraiser this afternoon at the home of Orlando super attorney, John Morgan, and if he hasn’t already (and judging by the polls he might have), will secure the vote of some of the most influential Democrats in Orlando.

“That’s it, Frank? It’s May in the year before the election and you think you’ve got it figured out?”

Well, yeah. You see, no one else is really trying. Who else has actually earned the vote of Orlando Democrats? We’ve talked about this before (story HERE).

This group Biden is meeting with today is also the same group that supported Clinton, Obama, Crist and Sink. All went on to earn the party’s nomination in the race for the White House or governor’s mansion, eventually.

It’s possible that trend could change, but I don’t see it happening right now. How can the other candidates win votes in Orlando, if they’re not in Orlando?

In all fairness, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is trying. He’s raising money in Florida and rolled out a luke warm endorsement (story HERE), but it’s going to take more. And he actually hasn’t held an event in Orlando yet.

So we’ll see.

For now, well just sit back and watch Joe Biden take votes in Orlando. Unless he stumbles, or one of his rivals step up, it’s not completely inconceivable to see him already winning the support of Orlando Democrats.

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