Kristen Gillibrand is out, here are the other Democratic candidates for President that should follow

Earlier today, New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand, officially ended her campaign for President.

The truth is that I consistently had Gillibrand floating at the 10 or 11 spot on my power rankings, placing her on the tier of debate worthy candidates. In such a big field, her experience and policy knowledge matched up pretty well against the other contenders in the field, but we knew she was on borrowed time and that she was probably going to miss the next round of debates in September.

The field is getting leaner, but if it’s time for Gillibrand to drop out, then there are the other less impressive “pretenders” that need to follow. Here they are in categories.

Didn’t make the next debate and should drop out soon:

Michael Bennet: I’ve said before, he’s actually a good match-up against Donald Trump on the debate stage, but he’s not getting any traction.

Steve Bullock: He didn’t make the first debate stage and left a very small impression when he finally did for the second round. It’s time to go back to leading the state of Montana.

Bill de Blasio: The Mayor of New York has proven he can attack pretty effectively on stage or in front of a television camera, but Democrats haven’t found something they can bond with him on.

John Delaney: Despite not making the cut for the debates next month, he says he’s not getting out. He should.

Tim Ryan: He’s been invisible for this entire campaign.

Marianne Williamson: She’s a sentimental favorite for many, but if she can’t get on stage, then the novelty has worn off.

Tulsi Gabbard: The Hawaii Congresswoman now finds herself in the same position as Gillibrand did before making her decision today. She’s a knowledgeable candidate that can garner excitement at times, but unable to translate that momentum into a bump in the polls or an increase in donors.

Off of the list for now:

Andrew Yang: The non-tie wearing businessman has found some footing, and made the next debate stage. He actually has a following and should explore to where it could take him. He should stay in. For now.

He didn’t make the debate stage but: Tom Steyer should get at least once chance on the national stage with the competition. It’s unclear if that will happen, maybe he waited too long.

Beto should still run for Senate in Texas: He says he’s absolutely not going to, but like Yang, if he can still make the debate stage then why not stay in longer?

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