Mike Bloomberg’s bad debate performance is only making Stephanie Murphy’s job in Orlando tougher

An interesting big of trivia: “I Like Mike” is not only the catch phrase for Mike Bloomberg, who Stephanie is supporting, but also of her general election opponent in 2018.

There was an excellent chance that you, along with millions of others, saw billionaire, presidential hopeful, Mike Bloomberg, get thrashed on the debate stage last night, by all of his Democratic rivals on national television.

The former New York Mayor was exposed in his first real un-choreographed moment as a contender, since pouring millions into commercials that have allowed him to springboard into the top three in several of the key states, including right here in Florida.

Because of his efforts, undecided Democrats are more undecided than ever.

Here in the “Heart of the I4 Corridor”, Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy is Bloomberg’s biggest endorser, and on the heels of that terrible performance, she has to wonder how far and how fast she’s going to carry that banner here in Orlando.

He’s not making it easy on her that’s for sure. There were times last night between his non answers that his body language asked “I’m a billionaire, what am I putting up with this for?”

Bloomberg’s candidacy continues to be the antithesis of Murphy’s political philosophy.

Ego-driven instead of humble.

Careless instead of cautious (that’s a big one).

Unprepared instead of rehearse to routine.

Still, because of his recklessness, she’s the one who is put in the explainer role on TV and right here at home.

Granted, it’s still early and Bloomberg could recover as early as next week. And those commercials which got him here aren’t going to stop.

And despite the risk, this gamble could still pay off in a big way for Stephanie. She is on the ground floor of something that is potentially huge.

She just has to hope that the elevator in this building works or else it’s just a big waste of time.

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