My letter to Orlando ahead of the President Trump rally downtown

Dear Orlando,

How’s it going?

I’m well. I’m regretting canceling my HBO Now after “Game of Thrones” because now everyone is talking about “Chernobyl” and I’m on the outside looking in.


It’s the guy who gets too excited about politics on television and radio, and looks like he would play Danny Devito’s part if Dwayne Johnson ever rebooted “Twins”.

You’ve got a big day Tuesday. The President is coming to town to announce he’s running for reelection. The whole world will be watching and reacting, and it’s all going to take place at the Amway Center downtown.

I know, I know, it’s going to rain, and there will be a lot of traffic issues. They should have done it at Camping World Stadium or the fairgrounds, but that ship has sailed.

The reason I’m writing is to just say, be nice to each other on Tuesday. Okay?

No, not just at the rally (although I hope you will take my recommendations seriously HERE), but to each other.

At home when the rally bumps your TV show to a sister network. At the dinner table when the conversation turns to politics. And definitely when someone brings the issue into the workplace break room. Be cool.

In fact, call into work. No. Don’t do that. Go to work. You’ve probably got a performance review coming up. You need that raise and housing in Orlando a cheap. Right?

Just make it a point to listen and if you can’t listen, tune out. I do it sometimes. I rewatch Avengers: Endgame in my head. In fact, you should go see that if you’re not a political person. Steve Rogers. Why can’t he run for President?

If you’re going to the rally. Go and enjoy yourself. Regardless of whether you’re a supporter of the President or not. Just be safe.

If you’re a MAGA hat wearing Trumper, save your energy for the inside of the rally. Don’t drink too much during that 10 hour tailgate beforehandd and get home safely.

If you’re protesting. Exercise your 1st Amendment rights. Be loud. Be peaceful. And also get home safely.

This is happening in Orlando because if you live near that construction site named I4, you’re one of the most important voters in the country. Possibly the world. There will be many more events over the next 17 months. Probably more than there was in 2016 or 2012.

For right now, let’s focus on Tuesday. And remember to listen to 90.7 WMFE in the morning and watch News 13 during the rally for all of your coverage and my analysis both before and after the President’s announcement. I will be absolutely “rolling” on caffeine and excitement.

Very respectfully,

Frank Torres

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