My recommendations for attending the Donald Trump rally in downtown Orlando

President Donald Trump will be announcing his intentions to run for reelection in downtown Orlando on Tuesday, at the Amway center. Whether you’re going to cheer the President as he makes his announcement or to protest, it is a logistical challenge with more moving parts than a concert or Magic game at the venue.

Here are my recommendations.

Get there early, or just make an entire evening of it: The rally is scheduled to start at 8pm. The secret service will be there, so you’ll need to be prepared to wade through thousands of people and then go through any necessary security checks. There is often an “undercard” of speakers, that are considered rising stars in MAGA circles, so chances are you’ll be listening to someone you’ve probably seen on cable TV before the President takes the stage.

There is also a block party scheduled that will start at 10AM. Do yourself a favor and give yourself plenty of time to get there.

Take Sunrail: I’m a regular Sunrail critic, but with this amount of volume near downtown Orlando around rush hour, its your best bet. They’ve announced they’re adding extra rides for the event. If you must drive, wear sneakers. There will be road closures and you’ll be walking likely from the Lake Eola area to the Amway Center or the equivalent from a different direction.

Hydrate: It’s June in tropical Orlando and the sun won’t set until later that evening. Drink plenty of water and dress comfortably. You want to be either in or around the Amway Center for the rally, not the ER.

Keep your emotions in check and stay out of trouble: Tuesday night is a major event for the entire country. There is expected to be a capacity crowd at the Amway and a lot of protesters outside. There will be shouting and sign waving like you might not have seen before. It’s going to be loud

There will also be alcohol and not a lot of room (story HERE). Some people don’t know how to behave.

Don’t engage with the other side. There just isn’t any value in it. No minds will be changed in that environment. Both parties have a right to be there. The goal is to have a good time and to get. Home. Safe.

Or just stay home and watch it on News 13: I’ll be providing pre and post announcement analysis on News 13. You can stay home, enjoy a nice meal and watch it all on television. Take the savings from the trip and donate it to either the President’s campaign or the potential Democratic opponent of your choice. The Amway will have enough people, but there is never enough money in politics.

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