Nikki Fried is picking a poor time to start her campaign for Governor

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried has raised her profile during the Coronavirus crisis. She’s done this primarily through importing partisan beliefs from New York and California and calling on Governor Ron DeSantis to shut down Florida.

Fried survived a recount in 2018 to become the only statewide member of her party in Florida. This makes her an easy choice to challenge DeSantis for Governor in 2022.

She’s decided to start her campaign now and it’s very poor judgement on her part.

Fried is using the fear a lot of us our experiencing right now for political gain. That’s wrong. And any other politician who is trying to scare you without crystal clear instruction that is free of influence of climbing the power ladder, also sits under that tent.

This is a hostile and opportunistic approach that is only making us weaker by encouraging a distrust in anyone who doesn’t agree with her opinions.

The truth is that even if DeSantis does shut down Florida, it won’t be good enough for Fried. She’ll keep fanning those flames of fear in an effort to raise her own political stock.

It’s terribly irresponsible and selfish.

If you want to lead, then work with your elected officials and provide ideas that expand beyond a simple “shut it down” approach that will only cripple counties that don’t have cases and force everyone into a deeper pit of fiscal difficulty.

And if you want to be governor, then wait and launch your campaign at a responsible time.

Don’t do it when Florida and the nation is at it’s weakest.

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