Opinions split on Democratic Presidential contenders after consensus top 8

Last night, CNN released their current top 10 Presidential contenders with just a month to go until the first debate take place in Miami (story HERE).

The top eight looks a lot like the list I published last week (story HERE), and it’s very similar to the power rankings published by many other major news organizations.

Basically, in the same order it goes.

Joe Biden

Bernie Sanders

Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg

Elizabeth Warren

Amy Klobuchard

Beto O’Rourke

Cory Booker.

After that? Well it depends on what you look at.

I’m a big name ID guy and I have Kirsten Gillibrand and Juan Castro to round out my top ten.

CNN previously shared my opinion, but this time goes in a different direction with Steve Bullock and Andrew Yang.

Really, it appears like you could plug any other two names in the final two spots and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Instead, it looks like we’ve got tiers.

Front runners would be Biden and Bernie. Biden is clearly ahead in the polls, but Bernie is the first choice for progressives.

Contenders would include Buttigieg, Harris and Warren.

Then the field. I’m certainly not writing off Klobuchard, Booker, or O’Rourke, but I believe there is a clear divide after that top five. Everyone will eventually get their look in front of the voters and anyone could become a contender.

Especially as you round out the top 10. We haven’t even mentioned Tulsi Gabbard, Bill De Blasio or the other dozen or so candidates running.

We’ll have to see, who works hard to separate themselves from the field but at this point it’s safe to ask.

Do we really need more than the top 8 candidates on stage at the first debate?

Graphic: CNN

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