Orlando Democrats should choose Joe Biden if they’re serious about winning Florida

Early voting begins this week in Florida’s presidential primaries, and it’s the Democrats in the state that will decide who will be their champion and move forward to challenge Donald Trump this November here in the “Heart of the I4 Corridor”.

If they’re serious about winning, they’ll choose former Vice President Joe Biden as their nominee.

Democrats took a risk by selecting a more dynamic Andrew Gillum in 2018, after they settled for a safer Hillary Clinton in 2016. Both failed because they had no real plan and had nothing new to say respectively. This allowed a more savvy GOP to turn the state red both times.

Biden could be the only candidate that might inspire the undecided moderates to turn Florida blue again. He’s the old war horse and the last remaining link of the Obama campaign that turned this state blue twice before. While his long winded ways on the stump get him in trouble from time to time, his policies are the only ones with enough definition to convince drama fatigued Floridians.

He’s also the only one left in the race that has bothered to visit Orlando.

Nominating Bernie Sanders would be a big step towards handing the election back to Donald Trump this fall. Not only has he had health problems and offers no feasible solutions to the country’s challenges, but he has manicured a following of bullies that believe the only way to solve problems is to hurl insults at anyone who doesn’t pass their definition of a purity test.

Grow up.

The other “moderate” Mike Bloomberg has had two bad debate performances and has demonstrated that he believes his money and not his convictions can steer the beliefs of the American people. If nominated, the money will pour in from both sides and all that will remain for Democrats will be an uncharismatic rich guy.

While Amy Klobuchar may be the best fit for a lot of moderates in Orlando, she won’t be in much longer and Elizabeth Warren has proven to be just a watered down formula of the Bernie Sanders solution.

That leaves Joe.

Let’s be real, he’s got a lot of miles on him but goodness, every contender is over 70 at this point and his running mate will have to be a person that is ready to lead. It could be someone to shore up the energy he may not always be able to provide.

For Democrats that are serious about winning, this is also about bringing Barack Obama back to the I4 corridor in hopes that he can better illustrate the alternative to four more years of Trump in a way that is more effective than his 2016 efforts, when polling lulled democrats everywhere into a false sense of security.

Donald Trump is still in a good position to win Florida, but if Orlando Democrats are serious about giving him all he can handle, they’ll nominate Joe Biden.

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