President Trump must condemn violent acts while on the campaign trail too

This morning, President Donald Trump officially condemned the radical, hate-filled messaging, that is believed to be connected to at least one of the two mass shootings that took place over the weekend. He also pledged to put into place a list of other measures to prevent more mass shootings from taking place.

He must take this message on the campaign trail as well.

Many of the President’s most troubling moments this year have come from supporters at his campaign rallies, including up in the panhandle where one attendee suggested shooting immigrants crossing the border.

President Trump didn’t condemn those remarks, in fact, he joked about it.

That cannot continue.

The President must put a stop to that messaging at his rallies. when he fails to do so, he’s sending a message to those mentally disturbed individuals watching that behavior from around the country that it’s okay to think that way.

Not putting an end to violent messaging at campaign rallies also flies in the face of his plan to stop mass shootings. That is pushing forward for better mental health care and “red flag” measures to stop these events before they start.

If those flags are popping up at his rallies he needs to push them down. He must set the example himself. The President cannot say all of the things he said this morning after dozens were killed and injured, to simply go back to the usual business.

This is about stopping domestic terror. It’s not like his supporters are going to abandon him over it.

It’s time for the President to make it clear, not only in the White House, but on the campaign trail, that the hate that lead to the tragic events of the past weekend will not be tolerated in the United States.

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