Here are Six Take Aways from the MSNBC #DemDebate from Atlanta

Tonight, ten of the candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination took the stage in Atlanta for the fifth time to make their case to the American people.

Here are six Takeaways:

They were careful on the impeachment hearings: The debate wasted no time on impeachment, leading off the evening on the hours of testimony that took place throughout the day. None of the candidates allowed themselves to be bogged down, briefly voicing support for the process and moving on.

Kamala vs. Tulsi round 2: The Senator from California and her nemesis, the Congresswoman from Hawaii, were given the chance to attack each other and they did not hesitate in doing so, with Harris shoving Gabbard over her criticism of the party and the latter returning serve on Harris’ record.

Warren still fuzzy on the details: Elizabeth Warren still can’t clearly define the math behind her tax proposals. She needs to work on the details to make the moderates feel more comfortable with her platform and what kind of chances she has of defeating Donald Trump.

The front runners stayed steady
: Bernie, Biden, and Warren all had decent performances and shouldn’t see a significant change in the polling.

Mayor Pete’s slam of Washington culture: The surging Buttigieg closed the night by launching some strong attacks about the ineffectiveness of Washington and how little the experience there matters. Impressive stuff.

The irrelevant stayed irrelevant: Yang didn’t speak until over 30 minutes into the debate. Steyer didn’t make a positive impression. And Gabbard may have actually made more enemies.

*Bonus* There was some debate lag: This was the fifth meeting and it felt like it. The online excitement wasn’t as high and the candidates are recycling their talking points from earlier debates. This was an especially long day if you also watched the impeachment hearings. We’ve got another debate in December, it’s time for a smaller field with more details on what they can do for America and possibly some changes in the presentation.

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