Trump relationships with Florida lawmakers play big part in fight for $200 million for Everglades

Governor Ron DeSantis, Senator Rick Scott, Congressman Matt Gaetz, along with many other lawmakers in the state legislature and in the municipalities are vocal supporters of Donald Trump, and those relationships have been known to pay off.

Now it’s paid off for the Everglades with a pledge from the President to fight for $200 million for the region, an investment many politicians have pledged to secure in recent years but have never made good on.

This is because many of them are on the other side of the aisle and have shouted at the White House to get it done, between calls for Mueller investigation results on social media and stump speeches at protests. They’re never going to see a penny on their own.

Then there is the group who stand with the President on some issues, and disagree with him on others. Senator Marco Rubio is an example. They’ll see some success.

And then there are his boys.

Defenders of Trump’s policies. They stump for him on cable television and on social media whenever possible. They pass legislation because it echoes something the President might have said at a rally. In return, they get support when they need it.

This is isn’t a diss. It’s certainly nothing new in politics. But in the age of Trump, when everything is broadcasted, retweeted, and blogged, it’s never been this well defined.

Governor Ron DeSantis is a proud supporter of the President. That might be an understatement. He put his children in a television commercial praising the President’s policies.

That’s why he’s Governor DeSantis now. That commercial won him his primary.

Rick Scott praised Trump during the 2016 GOP primary when two other popular candidates from Florida were running. He campaigned with Trump last year during his campaign for Senate even when we weren’t sure it would be popular.

The result? He knocked off an incumbent who had been in office for decades. That’s why he’s Senator Scott now.

Congressman Matt Gaetz took DeSantis’ place on the cable television rotation when DeSantis stepped up his campaign last year. He’s so active defending the President on social media that the President has called him his “warrior”.

Gaetz is being rumored for a run for Senate in Alabama among other opportunities that will turn up with Trump in the White House.

Supporting Trump pays off. The results are right there.

Working with a White House that doesn’t like you can be a challenge. Ask Rick Scott who sparred with President Obama for over six years.

For Florida, those days are over and now everyone can take those dollars going to the Everglades back to their constituents where there isn’t a voice in either party that can raise objections on the project.

But will it pay off for the President?

We’ll find out in 2020, when all of Trump’s supporters will have to get off the bench and help him rally for what could be another tough general election in Florida.

Until then, expect these relationships to continue paying off for the most loyal of the President’s supporters.

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