Val Demings is a better fit than most as a potential Joe Biden running mate

This morning, Orlando Congresswoman Val Demings officially endorsed Joe Biden for President on national television. While the decision was largely expected, Demings did avoid the error of her peers (story HERE) and waited until the former Vice President had a more certain path to the nomination.

Demings is coming off of a high profile position as an impeachment manager on the Donald Trump senate trial, and will likely garner consideration as a possible running mate for Joe Biden.

It’s a good fit, but not a perfect one.

Chief (as I still call her from her time leading OPD) meets a lot of what Biden needs to balance out the ticket.

She’s from Florida and specifically from here in the “Heart of the I4 Corridor”, the biggest political battleground in the country.

She’s an African-American female with a strong resume and some national name ID. There is a hunger for a diverse ticket that reflects the nation’s diversity.

You could make the case that she is ready to lead if needed. She’s not a lobbyist who’s been on the cocktail circuit for 40 years. Let’s be real, Biden isn’t getting any younger, this really matters.

But there are some drawbacks as well. Luckily for Chief, I’m digging deep here and a lot of these potential obstacles are with Bernie supporters that will be tough to win over anyways.

She was the chief of police. As wrong as it sounds, progressives have a lot of concerns over criminal justice right now and this might not unite the party. And her husband is also a longtime officer of the law.

She is close with Nancy Pelosi. Once again, it’s wrong that being on good terms with your leadership is a bad thing inside of your own party, but it might not pass the test with disgruntled Bernie progressives.

She’s 62 years old. For a third time, it shouldn’t seem like a penalty, but there could be a hunger for a younger running mate.

Despite that, if you are trying to win over fatigued moderates in a general election, than some of that really isn’t all that bad.

Still, we’re early in the progress and two weeks ago, Joe Biden’s campaign was on the brink of elimination.

Let’s see what happens from here. What we do know is that Joe Biden could do a lot worse than Congresswoman Val Demings from Orlando.

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