What I’m looking for during night 2 of the Democratic Presidential debates in Miami

Night 1 of the 2 evening debate event in Miami is in the books (you can get my take-aways HERE). Now, it’s time for night 2 and if you’re thinking like me, this is the big show, with four of the top five polling candidates taking the stage tonight.

Here is what I’ll be looking for:

If Joe Biden will be the target: He’s ahead in the polls by dozens of points here in Florida, and with a field this big, there will be no time to waste going after him. The field peppered Beto O’Rourke for his moderate views yesterday and Biden has a lot more of them. The former Vice President will be able to throw up the “Obama shield” if necessary. We’ll see how effective it will be for him.

If Bernie Sanders goes too far off the left side: Bernie can get excited during these things, and while his progressive views may help him with further left democrats, his electability could once again come into question when in front of moderate voters. This makes the establishment very nervous.

Kamala Harris unscripted: The California Senator is very good on a script, but when she’s challenged with a curveball she has to “Look things up” or “Study up on that” or perhaps “Be eager to have a conversation about it.” Let’s see how she does on a stage this big with some unpredictability thrown into the mix.

Mayor Pete’s problems hack home: Pete Buttigieg has had a difficult week with a shooting back in his hometown of South Bend, Indiana, that has brought his relationship with minority voters into question. How will he react?

If the rest of the field can prove they belong there: Kirsten Gillibrand should be able to lump herself in with the rest of the contenders early, but what about Andrew Yang? Marianne Williamson? Michael Bennett and the others? This is a big field, and if they don’t catch fire tonight, they might not get another shot.

Be sure to check back for my take-aways tomorrow and on Spectrum News13 for my analysis today and tomorrow.

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