Why Bernie Sanders’ #CancelStudentDebt will win over young voters, even if it’s not real

Vermont Senator and second time Presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders, is feeling a bump on social media right now because of his his #CancelStudentDebt push. A pledge to eliminate the financial burden many millennial are currently experiencing.

At this point in time, it’s not a realistic plan. There are no details, no assurances that these lenders would walk away, or comply with any policy that would not ensure they received every penny owed. Taxpayers won’t be pleased if those costs fall on them.

So why are Millenials excited at this unrealistic possibility.

Because Sanders’ is the only one talking to them at the moment, especially during debate week which will take place down the road in Miami on Wednesday and Thursday.

With so many candidates in the race, everyone is currently going in a different direction. Some hopefuls are targeting front runner Joe Biden. Pete Buttigieg is currently experiencing troubles back in Southbend where he is Mayor, and other organizations are focused on comfort food (story HERE).

But Bernie is tapping back to his 2016 roots and talking to the young people, even as he slips in the polls. He is talking about the single issue that could swing uniformed young voters on both sides of the aisle his way. There are kids working two jobs and eating ramen every night because of student loan debt. Others are watching prosperity and comfort slip into their mid and late 30s because of it. If undecided late, they’ll side with a candidate that will promise to lift the weight, even it they’re not sure he or she can do it.

This issue matters and it could give his campaign a jolt and brush away some of the candidate fatigue voters are experiencing with him.

All because he’s the only one talking to Millenials right now, and he’s saying exactly what they want to hear.

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