Hey guy, Frank here,

As an Army veteran myself, it means almost everything to me that the people that served this country and honored their agreements get the benefits and support they earned.

If you’ve got a story, good or bad, I want to hear it. It might be something worth covering and in some cases mobilizing for. There is still so much to be done in the world of veterans affairs.

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My Mission Statement: To move quickly to help secure the benefits earned by veterans and to advance initiatives that will increase the quality of lives of veterans living all over the world.

Actions we’re currently supporting:

Florida House Memorial or HR 71: Urging congress to recognize and fund operations to prevent veterans suicide (write up HERE).

Restoring congressional offices inside of the Orlando VA Medical Center: In 2019, the Orlando VA Medical Center at Lake Nona removed the offices of our elected representatives from their facilities. This leaves no one for veterans to see about concerns over care (link HERE).

Veterans Service Organization pandemic recovery: VSOs have suffered terribly from the COVID 19 pandemic because of their inabilities to host fundraisers and approach others about membership. We must do what we can to preserve these organizations that are many times the only outlets for our veterans.

Florida SB 260: Services for Veterans and Their Families: Legislation that would bolster telephonic resources for Florida veterans in crisis. (write up HERE).

Rapid Deployment of the COVID 19 vaccine to veterans all over the United States: This deadly virus will not wait for the red tape to clear to claim the lives of our veterans. We must encourage a rapid and effective deployment of this live saving vaccine.

Construction of the Tulsa OK, VA Hospital: To ensure the construction of this VA Hospital doesn’t suffer the long delays suffered in my hometown of Orlando (story HERE)