After Cincy loss, the good times are over for UCF football…for now

The Knights football team fell to the Cincinnati Bearcats last night on the road for their second loss in the last three games (story HERE).

While I always to keep it positive with UCF, you can’t “smile away” a two loss season when you’re fighting for respect in a college football world that doesn’t like you. Two losses to Pitt and Cincinnati means UCF football will end it’s season in a worse fashion than it has in a couple of years.

There will still be a bowl but we won’t have the powerful argument that we belong among the best. We won’t have indisputable truth in the numbers.

The good times are over for now. Or at least on hold.

Coach Josh Heupel will have to continue developing quarterback Dillon Gabriel who threw three interceptions last night. The whole offense will have to do better in the red zone and the defense will have to do better against the run.

It’s nothing that can’t be fixed. I do believe it will be fixed.

But for now, we’ll have to get grounded and focus about football.

Not lazy rivers or stadium expansions, but winning football games. No more team distractions.

This is the beginning of a project to quiet the haters. Something UCF has done many times over the years.

Right now they’re enjoying this. I know our guys will work to end that enjoyment as quick as possible.

Then the good times will be back and the party can start all over again.


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