After Kevin Durant injury, NBA players should demand independent physicians

Last night, NBA superstar, Kevin Durant, arguably the best player in the world, returned from injury in game five of the NBA finals against the Toronto Raptors to save his Golden State Warriors from elimination. He then qsuffered a second injury, this time a suspected torn Achilles tendon which could sideline him all of next season.

The decision to rush Durant back from injury was highly scrutinized and after last night’s tragic outcome, with everyone involved with the game of basketball is pointing fingers over who is to blame. Durant was projected to sign a massive free agent contract this season valued anywhere from $169 to $225 million.

Durant is still expected to get his deserved contract, but the question remains over why he was out there to begin with? Tough players will always choose to play whether they can or cannot. That’s dedication to their team. Team physicians work for the organization. They’re considered part of the equation of a championship organization.

Who can we trust to put health first?

NBA players and fans should push for independent physicians to examine career threatening injuries. The NFL uses independent docs for concussions, players from all sports will often use them for a second opinion on a serious injury.

Because sometimes you need someone with no vested interest in a diagnosis one way or another.

On the other bench, Toronto Raptors star, Kahwi Leonard, was traded from the San Antonio Spurs last year, because he was concerned with being rushed to come back too soon. He used independent physicians for his diagnosis. Now he’s a game away from being a champion. Again.

There needs to some serious consideration given to independent physicians on major injuries. This could prevent another tragic injury to an NBA superstar and another unfortunate turn to what has been an excellent NBA finals.

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