Bernie, Bloomberg, and Warren ramp up campaigns in Orlando but the candidates themselves have stayed away

Over the weekend, Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful, Elizabeth Warren, opened up her campaign office in Orlando. This afternoon, former New York Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, will set up shop in “The Heart of the I4 Corridor”, one of the biggest battlegrounds in the country. Even the Bernie Sanders campaign had an event this weekend.

But none of the three candidates have yet to visit Orlando.

Listen, I know the Iowa caucuses are today, but these people have been running in some shape or form for months. Where are they?

Bernie and Warren have been to Miami for debates, but not Orlando.

Bloomberg was down the street in Tampa and also visited down south, but he hasn’t been here either. Orlando Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy has endorsed him and could walk him right up to her voters, but he’s stayed away. He’s not even playing in Iowa.

No wonder it’s still former Vice President Joe Biden, regular fundraiser in Orlando, that is polling well. Even Mayor Pete Buttigieg has found time for a rally.

Earlier, I would have forgiven these candidates because survival after Iowa was uncertain, but these three have made it past the knockout round of the midwest. The real scrubs are almost all gone.

It’s this kind of lack of attention from the candidates and the constant under performance of the Florida Democratic Party that have many believing Donald Trump could once again turn the state red, even though the demographics and dialog among moderates say otherwise.

You can’t really connect with candidates until your showing them you care enough to spend a couple of hours in their communities. Bloomberg is on TV all of the time, but the party Democrats, the ones that will actually knock on doors for you, still like Bernie, Biden, or Warren.

It’s going to take more to connect with us than this.

We’ll see if these candidates can figure that out.

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