Big Companies in Orlando claiming rapid-fire hires during the Coronavirus crisis owe us more than a press release

With unemployment skyrocketing in Central Florida as the region continues to battle with the Coronavirus pandemic, companies are going to the media and telling them they’re hiring thousands to fill their operations.

Company XYZ cares, which is why we’re hiring 10,000 workers.

These are mostly big box retailers with corporate operations outside of Orlando. They’ll get a bump in the press and some public good will sent their way.

But when you go to many of these sites, there aren’t thousands of openings with these companies. More like anywhere between 3 and 9 openings. There are more opportunities as you extend your search outside of Orlando, but the claim that these organizations are opening up their gates to let masses of unemployed workers start earning again is wrong.

We should start asking questions about that.

This is because of the unemployed being given false hope.

When you go and visit the websites of these companies claiming these big hiring pushes, you’re looking for a lifeline. Something that could potentially save the financial future of your family by getting you through this crisis. Searching these companies, only to realize that this is really just a publicity stunt is just devastating.

If companies aren’t delivering on these massive hires, they need to be held accountable.

This is the time to help the communities that make our operations possible. Not the time to try and make ourselves look at their expense.

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