Chasten Buttigieg events demonstrate someone else besides Joe Biden realizes how important Orlando is

Chasten Buttigieg, the husband of South Bend Mayor and Democratic President candidate, Pete Buttigieg, has two events schedueled here in Orlando this weekend, according a story published in the paper this afternoon (story HERE). Mayor Pete himself held a rally here a couple of months back.

Of all of the Democrats running for office, only Mayor Pete and Joe Biden have visited Orlando.

Orlando, the “Heart of the I4 Corridor”, one of the biggest political battlegrounds in the world. And only two of the candidates running to oppose Donald Trump have been here.

Trump himself, kicked off his campaign here and had a second visit on the official side at the Villages. He’s also booked for a big fundraiser here in a couple of months time.

Everyone else is still trying to figure out what they’re going to do. Sure, some of these candidates will make it to Orlando eventually, but only as a surrogate for the Democratic nominee next year.

The Buttigieg campaign is making the right move.

This is because a bump in the polls down here in Florida proves to the electorate that someone else can beat Trump here, and this may inspire voters elsewhere who have electability at the top of their requirements of a potential Trump challenger.

Both UCF and the Abbey where Chasten Buttigieg is scheduled to appear are great locations. Let’s just make sure he shows this time. He canceled an Orlando visit earlier this year during a major Democratic party dinner.

But at least Mayor Pete knows how important Orlando is. Which is more than I can say for the rest of the Democratic field at this time.

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