CNN Debate draw Winners and Losers: Warren vs. Bernie showdown, Biden-Harris rematch

The debate stage is set for CNN’s twin Democratic Presidential Primary debates that will take place in Detroit later this month (story HERE).

First impressions:

We get our two top progressives on night 1 in Sanders and Warren with a fairly quiet supporting cast. This set up has the potential to shift a lot of support with the two of them jockeying for position in the polls.

Night 2 could be a verbal slaughter with some existing grudges with the front runner Joe Biden and some aggressive candidates on the perimeter. The second draw is once again the marquis match-up.

Let’s go over the winners and losers of the draw:

Night 1 draw Winners:

Bernie Sanders: Bernie’s ideas were out of place at the last debate surrounded by moderates like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. This time he’ll be able to get his original progressive platform out in front of his main competition for the progressive vote in Elizabeth Warren, with an audience that shouldn’t be as distracted this time.

Pete Buttigieg: I like this draw for Mayor Pete. In a line full of talkers with some unrefined ideas, his delivery will be a nice change of pace for the audience and he should be ready to rebound after his last performance took place a couple of days after a tragedy in his Southbend, Indiana town.

Night 1 Losers:

Beto O’Rourke: He’ll need more than some dialog in Spanish this time to make some noise and those three candidates to his right, Hickenlooper, Delaney, and Bullock will all have something to prove, with Bullock making the stage for the first time after Eric Swallwell dropped out. The field could dog pile on him again.

Tim Ryan: That far from center stage and next to cult favorite candidate, Marianne Williamson, good luck getting any significant messaging out.

Night 2 Winners:

Andrew Yang: How the heck did this guy get a podium next to Kamala Harris? Anyways, he’ll need to use that real estate to rebound from his awful first showing.

Julian Castro: There is going to be some aggression on that stage. I like Castro’s delivery and tone in a loud field like this one. He’ll have a chance to have another good showing.

Night 2 Losers:

Joe Biden: The former Vice President is stuck between his two most vocal opponents for two hours. It could be a long night for the front runner.

Kirsten Gillibrand: She’s going to have to shout from off screen again. That camera will be on Booker, Biden, and Harris for a lot of the night.

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