Coronavirus won’t stop Orlando from honoring those who gave all on Memorial Day

As Memorial Day 2020 arrives in Central Florida, there won’t be as many events around the area as there has been in previous years. Sadly, the Coronavirus is still a real threat to all of us, including our older veterans who are at particularly at risk from the illness.

This won’t stop Orlando from honoring those who gave everything for this country.

The truth is that Central Florida honors their veterans year-around and they do a good job at it too.

It was a blessing to come home after my time was done in the military and have these terrific neighbors, those who are quick to sincerely thank you for your service.

There are reminders of this grateful community everywhere we go. Businesses, community groups, religious organizations, even our politicians, who stumble in other areas, go the extra mile to listen to the concerns of our veterans and are mindful of Gold Star families in their districts.

We’re not perfect. You can visit one of our VA facilities to discover that. Much work is still needed there.

But when it’s time, we’re there to honor those who served.

Tomorrow will be no different. The Coronavirus won’t stop that.

It will be a peaceful Memorial Day in Orlando, full of people that will never forget the sacrifices made by our bravest warriors.

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