Democratic Presidential Candidate Power Rankings: Kamala still on post debate honeymoon

In your latest Democratic Candidate Power Rankings for 7/7/19, we find California Senator Kamala Harris still riding momentum from her first debate performance and we see Joe Biden start to go on the offensive.

1.Joe Biden: The former Vice President went on CNN this week for an exclusive sit down with Chris Cuomo, where addressed some negative points being thrown at him by his opponents. It was a great outing but he did call himself center-left, lets hope the progressives don’t get him for that (story HERE).

2 Bernie Sanders: Bernie’s biggest push this week came from teaming with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez against Biden’s concerns against the party drifting too far left (story HERE).

3. Kamala Harris: Was doing the rounds in Iowa and has gotten some great press since last week and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down for a bit. She’s raising money and she’s positioning herself as Biden’s prime opposition (story HERE).

4. Mayor Pete: I’m putting Mayor Pete here because he raised some good money (story HERE). Can he make a push with it?

5. Elizabeth Warren: I’m putting the Massachusetts Senator right behind Pete, but they just as well should be tied. Lets see what she does next week.

6. Amy Klobuchar: Amy keeps showing up on television. That is a strong comms game. We know that earned media makes a difference

7. Julian Castro: Julian is slipping into his pre debate ways and disappearing again. He needs to stay in the conversation somehow. He can’t let post debate momentum slip like this.

8. Beto O‚ÄôRourke: is in… Tennessee. Hopefully picking up some checks for his campaign’s sake.

9. Cory Booker: Cory is getting some press from his girlfriend Rosario Dawson (story HERE).

10. Michael Bennet: Replaces Kirsten Gillibrand at the bottom for this week. He’s been on TV more and raised almost $3 million dollars.

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