Door to Door campaigning might be done in Orlando for 2020, here is who benefits

Even as Orlando continues to battle with the Coronavirus, politicians, both incumbents and challengers, have an eye on this November’s elections. Their professional survival is playing a role in every decision they’re making as the community tries to push through this challenge.

One aspect that could be changed this year, is door to door grassroots campaigning.

Do you really want strangers walking up to your doorstep and handing you literature about someone who just wants your vote? Probably not.

Door to door campaigning is the great equalizer in some contests. In mostly local races, a candidate that doesn’t have enough money can still buy a 1000 palm cards, print out a list and go hit some doors. Depending on the layout of the race it can still make a difference. While it doesn’t happen as often as it used to, candidates have still found victory in Orlando grinding it out on the street.

If you take that away, it favors the big money donors and incumbents.

Let’s talk about these check writing lobbyists and developers. It makes them even more of a king/queen maker than they already are. If you can’t campaign in person, then you’ve got to go with ad buys and mail and that costs money. Especially here in 2020 as the donor lines dry out, this makes these connections even more important.

Incumbents will capitalize simply because of their name ID. It’s not just Donald Trump who’s getting a push from these daily press conferences. You’re seeing this at the local level as well with constant social medial traffic from politicians up for reelection. Most should already have a financial advantage moving into the summer, this will only pile on to that.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know voters in every corner of the tri-county area. When you hit their doors. You get some that are nice. Some that are not so nice.

Almost all of them want you gone sooner than later. The possibility that you could get them sick won’t help change that trend.

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