Downtown Trump rally presents serious safety concerns for Orlando Leaders

Yesterday morning, I happen to be taking pictures outside of the Amway Center, the venue where President Donald Trump will kickoff his 2020 reelection campaign later this month (story HERE).

As I examined what was then an completely empty street around me, I was suddenly very worried about the safety of everyone involved, in what will be a capacity audience inside of the building, as well as overflow crowds spilling out into the street.

That’s not including the protesters, which could also hit high numbers, that will be along the perimeter of the building.

Orlando leaders must take serious precautions to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

The Amway Center hosts major events all of the time, but the crowds are funneled through what is a closed off and and narrow Church Street. When everyone is friendly and going to a Taylor Swift concert, that’s fine.

When we’re talking about a Trump rally, that’s a maximum of about 10 yards between Trump supporters and Trump protesters.

They can’t move further back, that’s where they’re building to entertainment complex.

They can’t move across the street. There is Ultimate I4 construction taking place in the underpass.

The two groups will be bunched up on Church Street in front of the venue. That’s potentially dangerous.

Then we’re not even talking about fights that could take place as people get out of their cars to walk to the arena. Then there is pedestrian safety at busy traffic intersections. We’re definitely not good at that.

The President has held rallies at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, CFE Arena, and the Sanford airport. These venues have what we need for safety. Space. There can be hundreds of yards between the two groups and they might never see each. Here they have much less.

Orlando leaders should have an impressive police presence in front of the venue and around the area. Hopefully, this can deter any conflict from breaking out.

Let this also serve as a call for peace for everyone involved. The problems just ain’t worth it guys.

We have over two weeks until the rally. Let’s hope that when we turn on the TV or surf to ours news websites afterwards, we’ll see reports on how there were no incidents and everyone made it home safely.

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