Frank’s 2019 Orlando Fantasy Football Draft Board #4: Wide Receivers

The Fantasy Football is season is upon us, and with leagues preparing to conduct their drafts, I’ve decided to start publishing my draft boards for the upcoming season.

Here is my 2019 Fantasy Football Draft Board for the wide receiver position as of August 14th 2019.

  1. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons
  2. O’Dell Beckham Jr, Cleveland Browns
  3. Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers
  4. DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans
  5. JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pittsburgh Steelers
  6. Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs
  7. Antonio Brown, Oakland Raiders
  8. Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints
  9. Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  10. Keenan Allen, Los Angeles Chargers
  11. T.Y Hilton, Indianapolis Colts
  12. Amari Cooper, Dallas Cowboys
  13. Brandin Cooks, Los Angeles Rams
  14. Stefon Diggs, Minnesota Vikings
  15. Julian Edelman, New England Patriots
  16. Tyler Lockett, Seattle Seahawks
  17. Adam Thielen, Minnesota Vikings
  18. Cooper Cupp, Los Angeles Rams
  19. Calvin Ridley, Atlanta Falcons
  20. Chris Godwin, Tampa Bay Buccaners
  21. Kenny Golloday, Detroit Lions
  22. Robby Anderson, New York Jets
  23. Sammy Watkins, Kansas City Chiefs
  24. Tyler Boyd, Cincinnati Bengals
  25. DJ Moore, Carolina Panthers
  26. AJ Green, Cincinnati Bengals
  27. Jarvis Landry, Cleveland Browns
  28. Alshon Jeffrey, Philadelphia Eagles
  29. DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles
  30. Devin Funchess, Indianapolis Colts
  31. Dante Moncrief, Pittsburgh Steelers
  32. Emannuel Sanders, Denver Broncos

ANALYSIS: Oh, what are we going to do with Antonio Brown? I expect him to be on the field for the Raiders sooner than later, but the drama can’t have me place him any higher. Julio Jones is going to have a great season. Putting O’Dell before Hopkins and Adams was tough, but he’s going to be bugging Baker Mayfield for that ball. In the middle of the pack, I think Edelman is the only proven commodity for Brady in New England with Gronk gone, and Cooper Cupp should be good again for the Rams if he can stay healthy. Later, I still like Alshon in Philly, and I’m hearing a lot of good things about DJ Moore in Carolina.

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