Frank’s Tuesday Orlando News Story Ideas

Hello everyone, these are the stories/pitches, that I’m curious about in Central Florida today.

Orange County Commissioners want more staff: The county commission will be discussing the possibility of adding another aide to each of their offices. I covered the commission for years, and this isn’t just one position, this is six (possibly seven) more salaried positions. The costs and needs should be evaluated.

Straw ban fallout: City of Orlando banned straw yesterday. Which cities are next? What is the cost increase for vendors for these “greener” products? Is this a chance this gets passed on to the customers? Will food trucks move to different locations?

Leadership Blue Democratic Conference: Trump is here later this month, but the Democrats are holding one of their big conferences here at Disney this weekend. DNC Chair Tom Perez will be attending. More chances for emphasizing how important the I4 corridor is next year.

Hurricane Tax Holiday: Are people actually taking advantage of these? Are we doing enough to make sure residents are aware of it? Are there any new products that could come in useful during an hurricane? I’m going to run this one until it’s over on Friday

And a favorite of mine. MRE’s or “Meals Ready to Eat” Army rations that have their own heaters and have been more popular for hurricane preparation in recent years.

Downtown construction updates: The demolition of the Orchid Ballroom this winter caught many people off guard, including some that were planning on getting married there. Is the city doing all it can to make sure residents know what’s going on downtown?

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