FTR Bad and Better Buys: The two for $6 deal at Arby’s

Right now, Arby’s is promoting their two for $6 deal. That’s two sandwiches for $6 dollars. Some of the sandwiches eligible include the Classic Chicken, Beef ‘N Cheddar, and their Gyro sandwiches.

This is being tabbed as an FTR Bad Buy in my opinion. Here’s why.

The deal does not include a side or a beverage. If you include those items you could be looking at anywhere between $8 and $10 dollars for a meal. If you’re content with the two sandwiches as a meal, you’re still going to be eating them dry.

As a meal for two, the deal gets slightly better but not by much.

Then there is always the chance of a slow Arby’s location giving you a poorly prepared product. While it’s my experience that most Arby’s have their acts together, paying over $6 dollars for a meal without a beverage or side is still a bad buy.

Let’s look at an FTR Better Buy and we’re staying in Arbys. We can go a few different ways here.

The snack or value menu offers you a Jr. Cheddar Melt for about $1.59 and you could throw in a chicken or corned beef slider for an additional buck and half, and still have money left over for one of their well priced sides or a beverage for less than the six dollars being offered from the special.

The truth is that the roof should always be pretty low for a sandwich only deal at a fast foot restaurant. Arby’s offers a two for $5 deal that is also better than what they’re pushing now.

But those fries and mozzarella sticks will always be on point.

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