G7 at Mar-a-Lago gives Donald Trump a presidential stage in battleground Florida during election season stretch

The White House announced yesterday that the G-7 summit will be held right here in Florida next June, at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Doral.

It’s a controversial pick to say the least, with critics citing potential ethical conflicts, but if I’m Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, I’m fist pumping after hearing this decision.

You’re putting Donald Trump in the biggest battleground state in the country on a stage where he is setting the agenda for the rest of the world’s leaders.

It’s tough to think of a more “presidential look” less than half a year before an election in a more important place.

If you jumped here from Twitter, then think like a regular voter for a minute. You’re an undecided independent voter in Florida and you here that the President is hosting world leaders in your backyard. “Well, he must be doing something right. Just nobody gets to do that right?”, it sounds like simplistic thinking but in this whirlwind environment of information flying everywhere it’s really not.

And it put’s whoever is his general election opponent in a tough spot. If you’re Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, or someone else, you stuck protesting on the outside for the duration of the summit.

Really, there isn’t going to be a better place for Donald Trump to be next June.

Now, there could be some drama depending on the world events that occur from now until next year and if the summit takes a nasty turn at one point or another, it could potentially backfire. A flat out revolt against Trump on his home turf could make for high drama but world leaders are usually skittish about campaign politics so close to an election.

But really, if you’re on Team Trump, it’s a “no-brainer” to put the G7 right here in Florida for the world to see and in the backyard of the most important voters in the world.

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