Give Donald Trump and Mike Pence some credit for holiday drop ins to see troops

Hey, I get it. This is a controversial President.

But, as a veteran and someone who missed 7 straight Thanksgivings in the military, I appreciate it when a leader visits deployed troops during a holiday.

That’s what President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence did this week, visiting soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq respectively with the President trading Florida for a trip overseas.

These service members aren’t as jaded as we are when it comes to the current state of politics. What they do know is that it’s Thanksgiving and they’re not home.

So, yeah these visits make a difference. And yes, you can separate this act from the rest of the President’s policies.

We applauded it when Barack Obama made his visits, we applaud when members of congress visit, and yes we should applaud this President and Vice President when they visit.

If there is anything left in this political climate that perhaps we can unite under, may it be our people in uniform that are protecting our freedoms around the world.

We can go back to arguing tomorrow, but for at least moment, let’s commend the President for his visit.

And if you don’t want to nod his way, then just give a kind thought to our neighbors that will remain behind to keep us safe.

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