Here are six take-aways from night 1 of the Democratic debates in Miami

Last night, was the first of two democratic presidential debates that took place from Miami. The first ten, of the massive 20 candidate field took the stage for a two hour discussion on the issues.

Here are six take-aways:

Elizabeth Warren holds serve: The only top five polling candidate on stage last night continued to establish herself as the progressive alternative to Bernie Sanders, with a push for a massive health care overhaul, while using a pragmatic approach on other issues to maintain her electability.

Beto O’Rourke speaks Spanish and others follow: You’ve seen the memes. The former Texas Congressman raised some eyebrows last night by opening in Spanish. Cory Booker would be second but it would come off less authentic. The stunt did put a bullseye on Beto. He would take some attack from New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and others shortly after.

Julian Castro raises his stock: The once forgotten HUD secretary and 2012 keynote DNC convention speaker had a solid night with thoughtful answers on a number of subjects. He got off to a late start too, not getting a long answer in until almost the 25 minute mark.

Cory Booker and Tulsi Gabbard have their moments: Booker’s passionate delivery made him a favorite for some and Gabbard got the opportunity to showcase her national defense expertise.

The unknown can’t find their time: John Delaney, Tim Ryan, Jay Inslee, they all had to fight for time last night and they didn’t leave a mark on voters. You could argue that they shouldn’t have been on stage to begin but given the time, they didn’t do much with their opportunity.

It felt like a VP debate: With the exception of Warren and some select moments with Beto and Castro, this felt like a field of really good Vice Presidential candidates. The real show could be tonight when former Vice President Joe Biden and 2016 Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders get their turn in front of a national audience.

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  1. My thoughts exactly. The debate seemed to be a vice presidential forum for some of the candidates. Warren, Booker and DeBlasio seemed to make stronger points than others.

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