Hooray for Prime Day, Now let’s do more to catch “Porch Pirates” in Orlando

Today and tomorrow are Amazon prime days, and packages will be flying on to Central Florida doorsteps in the coming days. Unfortunately, there are always the dirtbags that look to take advantage of the situation and ruin your experience.

If you haven’t heard about them before they’re called “Porch Pirates”.

Basically, they spot Amazon packages on doorsteps or sometimes follow around the shipping vehicles and steal your products before you can take them into your home. The majorities of these thefts take place while you’re at work in the middle of the day.

It takes them less than 30 seconds to do this. Step out of the car, walk up, pick up the package, get back in the car, and drive away.

Luckily, surveillance cameras on door steps are on the rise. This means you’ll deter a lot of these jerks, but there are still the stupid-brave ones that will cover their faces.

There are a couple of things we can do.

Lookout for your neighbor: You know what your neighbors look like. If someone is taking a package from their doorstep make some mental notes of what they look like. Don’t try to be Batman and take action, these guys are crooks and could be armed. You don’t want to take a bullet for an Echo Dot or a bag of gourmet dog food. Call your neighbor or call the cops.

Keep an open dialog with local law enforcement: You should be doing this already, but if you’re not, follow your local law enforcement organizations on social media and take any advisories seriously.

Get your packages as quickly as possible: There are actually some customers that don’t realize their packages have been delivered because they enter their homes through the garage and you’ll see boxes actually pile up. Get your stuff!

Ask Amazon for more lockers/hubs: Amazon has lockers where you can go and pick up your packages at secure locations. Unfortunately, there not all over the Orlando area yet. East Seminole County, West Voluisa County, and a large part of Apopka don’t have these yet. Let them know you want one in your community!

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