I was wrong about Kahwi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors, we all were

The Toronto Raptors are NBA World Champions after defeating the two time defending champion, Golden State Warriors, last night 114-110 in six games.

Now, some of you may have picked the Raptors to win the series. Some of you may have predicted that Kahwi Leonard would be the MVP, and some of you may have even predicted it would take six games.

But none of you anticipated this kind of success for Kahwi Leonard and the Raptors in October.

Nope. Don’t lie. You did not. None of us did. And if you happen to, then you went against the scientific evidence that the Warriors would three-peat, and that doesn’t make you a genius, that just makes you lucky and probably a resident of Toronto.

The truth is that Kahwi Leonard was a joke this time last year, and LeBron James could snap the Raptors out of playoff existence like Thanos, whenever he wanted to.

Leonard defied the great Greg Popvich and the San Antonio spurs because everyone believed he was sandbagging on an injury. He was then traded to the Raptors in a transaction that was being compared to a deportation.

He was pressured to comeback by some influential players and did not. We were calling him a wimp.

Little did we know, that Kahwi was right to listen to his independent physician and not rush back from injury, in a move I now believe all players with serious injuries should consider (story HERE).

He showed up in Toronto, and after a disastrous press conference (story HERE), decided he was going to prove us all wrong, and boy did he. The Raptors are World Champions.

Good for him. Now what’s next?

He could stay in Toronto and own that city, or he could go home to Los Angeles. I’d make a prediction but I’ve been wrong about Kahwi enough for one season.

We all have.

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