If Joe Biden loses it might be because he didn’t pick Val Demings, a Floridian, to win Florida

At the end of the day, it really was the easy pick for Joe Biden in regards to his running mate. Kamala Harris has the name ID from her own run for President and enough general credentials to justify her presence on the ticket.

But it was checkers, not chess, that Joe Biden is playing here.

Chess would have been picking Val Demings. Taking her story and speaking presence in her home of the I4 corridor and using it to win a state he needs badly in order to defeat Donald Trump in November.

Last time we all checked, Democrats didn’t need any help in California.

Kamala Harris also didn’t visit Orlando during her time running for President. In all fairness, Biden has kept a regular presence in Central Florida for years campaigning and fundraising for himself and others.

But if Biden can’t close Florida, then all of the “experts” will point to this moment where he could have had an established presence there to nail this battleground down.

And the criticism will be warranted even if it will be too late by then.

And that’s when it will occur to the Biden campaign.

That if you want to win Florida, send a Floridian.

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