In Orlando, it was Mike Bloomberg that was scoring points during the #IowaCaucus chaos

The Iowa Caucus was a mess. Don’t worry, I’m not going to dogpile on our friends to the north given our election history here in Florida (story HERE). That’s not what I’m here to talk about.

What I am here to talk about is who was scoring points here in Orlando during that mess, which still hasn’t been played out as I type these words.

It was Mike Bloomberg.

While the rest of the field was claiming or waiving off victory in freezing temperatures, the former Mayor of New York was earning positive media coverage of his campaign office opening here in Orlando (stories HERE and HERE).

This was happening while Bloomberg’s paid media efforts continue to saturate television signals here in “The Heart of the I4 Corridor”. Most of the networks and on the radio included. I even heard one of his ads on a right leaning country music station.

He was also campaigning in California last night, continuing his super Tuesday strategy. And with confidence in the importance of the early states suffering a serious set back , you’ve got to believe he’s saving his energy and endless money for the later rounds.

If there was a winner in the Democratic primary last night here in Orlando, it wasn’t the candidates you saw during the cable news coverage, it was the guy who was taking up all of the space between it.

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