Laugh if you want, Antonio Brown could be a great addition to the Bucs, Dolphins, or Jags

After the most volatile and public feud between a player and his team’s front office in recent memory, the Oakland Raiders finally released superstar wide receiver, Antonio Brown, on Saturday afternoon.

There were alleged racial slurs shouted, viral videos uploaded, cryotherapy accidents, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

Antonio Brown, for now, isn’t playing football. But make no mistake, despite his personal troubles, he is still a gifted pass catcher, and there are still teams willing to take a look at him.

And if they could stomach the potential circus, the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Miami Dolphins, should all at least consider the possibility.

All of this is of course, if Brown can change his ways. And then there would have to be contractual safeguards for the team.

All three teams could use him. Scratch that. All three teams need him.

The Miami Dolphins have no serious offensive weapons. Give Ryan Fitzpatrick or a young Josh Rosen a target like Brown, and they’ll make plays happen.

In Tampa, could you imagine what Jameis Winston could do with both Antonio Brown and Mike Evans, and OJ Howard?

What about giving veteran QB, Nick Foles, an all star target in Jacksonville. Give that defense more space to work in tight games.

Yes, the circus will come to town, but no one is talking about these three teams anyways. Would it be so bad?

Besides, I think Doug Marrone, Bruce Arians, and Brian Flores all have the ability to deal with Brown. Or at least handle it better than the Raiders did.

Antonio Brown likely isn’t done in the NFL. His kind of abilities will get you a second chance, or in his case, a third chance at success.

All of our Florida teams should take a look at him.

If anything, just to keep him from going to the Patriots.

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