Leaner Democratic debate stage means more time for the real contenders

The scrubs are gone.

At least for now, as the next Democratic debate from Houston, Texas on September 12th, will feature a one night, ten candidate stage.

This means the contenders with real support from donors and the polls will finally have time to really debate the issues without getting interrupted by John Delaney.

Seriously. We need a real debate between Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren on health care. Do we preserve Obamacare? Or search for something else.

Let’s listen to Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar discuss possible solutions to immigration. What is the real solution for the situation at the border?

We should be done with Tim Ryan and Bill de Blasio. Candidates that have had their chance and couldn’t build any momentum.

Instead, let’s see if Beto O’Rourke can save his campaign in front of a national audience. Let’s find out if Mayor Pete can mix it up if challenged. What about Julian Castro? In 2012, he was considered the future of the Democratic party.

How much free money does Andrew Yang really want to give away?

I joke about Yang because he’s the only one that hasn’t convinced me he’s “for real”, but at least there is measurable proof that he belongs on stage.

Really, I would have liked a two night, five candidate stage. That would have been perfect, but I’m not going to complain, we’re still going in the right direction.

And Democrats should be happy too. There are some real disconnects among the candidates on health care and immigration. Better to sort these things out in the primary, instead of on another debate stage a year from now when the only other podium on stage belongs to Donald Trump

Yes, the scrubs are gone and the next debate could be a real showcase of who’s the strongest in the field. This is a better political discussion and a better way for voters to spend their evening.

This is better for everyone.

Although some of us will miss Marianne Williamson.

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