Let’s be kind to Publix employees during high volume sub sales

Publix subs are good. When made properly, they are one of the best fast lunches you can have in Orlando. A whole sub is actually big enough for two meals. They don’t skimp on ingredients and those ingredients are excellent. A good Publix sub can make your day better.

And right now they’re all $5.99. This is a 35% markdown on some sandwiches.

And unfortunately for Publix deli employees, everyone wants one, and we are a very picky community.

I tried to get a sub this afternoon and after looking at that line, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. These people were going to be making subs for hours at a time with no rest.

If there was one job I don’t think I could do, it would be the deli at Publix. I’ve heard they ways customers talk to these hardworking folks, and if someone talked to me that way, I would hit them over the head with a loaf of multi-grain and quit.

“Too much Mayo.” “Wrong kind of American cheese.” “Just a second, I’m almost done with this phone call.”

Ugh. I wish some of them could understand what its like.

Bless these employees. And while Publix has a solid reputation for career development and care of workers, I hope they understand how much strain this puts on those people.

I make it a point to be polite and conversational with these employees and to thank them when they’re done. I also keep an eye on management to see if they are actively trying to help out their people or just watching as the chaos develops further. Thankfully, the latter doesn’t happen very often.

So, as this great sale takes place, let’s not only enjoy what I believe is the best supermarket chain I’ve visited, but to appreciate these people who are delivering a tremendous bargain.

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