Michelle Obama smart to stay away from Democratic primary drama

In an interview over the weekend, former First Lady Michelle Obama, was asked about the candidates and her support in the Democratic Presidential primary (story HERE), and her reply was probably the most appropriate response that could be given at this point in time.

“Whoever wins the primary” she said of the support of herself and former President Barack Obama.

Michelle Obama was always very media savvy during her eight years in the White House, and while moderator Gayle King was asking one of those “must ask” questions from a journalistic perspective, the answer was also to be expected.

There is no reason for President Obama to intervene in this primary at this point, not even for his former veep, Joe Biden. This is going to be a brutal primary, as the first two debate illustrated, and the party will need to unite after it’s over.

Obama might be the only one that can do it. While Hillary Clinton wasn’t strong enough in 2016, things could be different next year with a more dynamic candidate.

It’s also worth noting that Donald Trump hasn’t voiced his support for Mike Pence in 2024.

This is because there is no reason to pledge support this early on. It won’t unite, it will divide.

President Obama knows it. President Trump knows it. Michelle Obama knows it. And now you know it.

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