Mitt Romney and Tomi Lahren aren’t afraid to disagree with the crowd and you shouldn’t be either

Utah Senator Mitt Romney and Conservative Media Personality Tomi Lahren, have decided to oppose the controversial abortion law in Alabama that does not allow the procedure even in cases of rape or incest.

Many of their respective followers were not pleased.

While Romney has been known to break with the President and the party on certain issues, he was once again a punching bag on the internet. I’m sure Romney doesn’t care, he’s climbed about as high as he’s going to go in American politics.

Lahren is a little more complicated. Yes, she began her career as a general news television journalist but at only 26 years old, her future is going to rely on pushing past the internet trolls which raise a fuss whenever a syllable of what she says doesn’t sit well with them.

They took a stand. They weren’t afraid. And they shouldn’t be ridiculed for it. In fact, they’re probably not even flinching at the criticism. They’re professionals. They signed up for this.

If the time hasn’t come when you’ve disagreed with the people that run in your circles, it will , and if it never comes then you’re either lying to yourself or, congratulations, you’re a “Yes Man”.

Abortion is one of the most complicated and emotional issues in American politics. There is certainly nothing wrong with feeling strongly about it.

Just don’t thrash people whenever they don’t agree with you and don’t be afraid to speak your mind when the time comes. This is what we’re here for.

We shouldn’t expect the people standing next to us to agree on every. Single. Little. Thing. And when they do see the other way on a debate, we need to think about their entire body of work before voicing objects or worse attacking them.

We could be throwing away an ally that could be helping us with so much more.

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