NBA Free Agency 2019: What I want to happen vs. What likely will happen

NBA free agency is upon us, and tomorrow afternoon will kick off what could be a seismic shift of power in the NBA featuring some of the biggest names in basketball.

Let’s run down the big names and play them against what I would like to happen vs. what likely will happen. Keep in mind, I’m a Magic fan, I want all of the power to stay in the Western conference. Still, I’m a realist and I understand it’s not going to be that way.

Let’s get started:

Kevin Durant:

As we all know, Durant suffered that achilles injury in the NBA finals and will likely miss most, if not all of next year. Nevertheless, he’s one of the best players in the world and is still under demand.

What I would like to happen? He stays in Golden State: I believe Durant is one of those that players that has trouble finding happiness. The other markets will rush him back before he’s ready, and a championship is still no guarantee. Stay where they already love you and play in a new stadium.

What do I think will happen? He’s going to the New York Knicks: So Kevin will go to the biggest market in the world and try to revive a franchise that hasn’t seen a championship in decades. He’s going to be miserable.

Kahwi Leonard:

Leonard is coming off of a storybook year with the Toronto Raptors but he can also write his own ticket anywhere after winning that title.

What I would like to happen? The Los Angeles Lakers: Kahwi will join LeBron James and Anthony Davis in a heel turn that we’ve never seen before in basketball. Don’t call it a “weak” move (story HERE). Money and rings are anything but.

What do I think will happen? He’ll stay in Toronto: He owns that city. He brought them out of the darkness and they adore him for it. He’s also giving them the last word which is encouraging.

Kyrie Irving:

Boston wasn’t all his fault. That was never really his home. But now Kyrie will likely try to rebuild elsewhere. I think he misses LeBron taking some of the heat of the spotlight away.

What would I like to happen? Los Angeles with either team: If the Lakers can’t land Kahwi, LeBron might want to go with the devil he already knows. Delivering championships to Los Angeles is just too important.

What do I think will happen? Brooklyn bound Kyrie: Brooklyn takes a second fiddle to the Knicks in New York and he’ll be able to win with a strong and youthful team under the radar until the playoffs.

Kemba Walker:

So underappreciated. Kemba seems prone to finally find his way out of Charlotte.

What I would like to happen? He joins the Celtics: Kemba will be hungrier in Celtic green than Kyrie ever was. They have the nucleus in place in Boston, they just need that superstar to take them to the next level.

What do I think will happen? He’ll go to Boston: For the reasons listed above.

Klay Thompson:

Klay is another superstar that likely won’t see the court again during the regular season next year. They still love him in Golden State.

What I would like to see happen? Klay stays in GS: He deserves to get paid and compete in a market that was nothing in the NBA before the “Splash Brothers” made it something.

What do I think will happen? See above: The deal is reportedly already in place.

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